The dirty truth

36, Native Floridian. I enjoy writing a lot and hope to make a Career of it. That being said, any and all constructive criticism is welcomed and appreciated.

I’ve traveled extensively since my career allowed it.

When getting to know me, or anyone, remember, you only know what’s been chosen to be shared.

I’m friendly but it comes off as opinionated a lot, I try to do everything creatively, ambitious and aloof (sometimes together), honest-natured, vigilant, detached, independent (to a fault) and, of course, a huge vocabulary fanatic, delighted easily and easily delightful, twisted, sadistic (only consensually), imaginative, outspoken, generous, contumacious, widowed, anomalous, and though I prefer to be hermitical, I’m very socially adept.

I’ve written short stories, poetry, and have journaled since I was 10. I’ve had poetry published, short stories, and articles on various subjects. Some of the subjects I’ve published articles on are: “How-to”, People who have contributed to the technological advancements of Tattooing, Body Piercing, and various other Body Modification practices, and BDSM. I volunteer for an organization that helps people that are in need of financial assistance in order to afford the mental health care they greatly need to live, and finally, I’ve been publishing erotic short stories that end up of the psychological thriller/Horror nature.

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