You know better than you think. (11.13.04)

This is my old page that I can’t get into anymore…


Just a note:

I happen to be inspired.

its been too long.

If I don’t get it out,

Ill explode.

Just count yourself as lucky to be part of this story…

you have no idea.

just leave that said.

How many people can I count that are on a list waiting to be acknowledged.

just look around.

If you ever make one mistake you should have know better by now.

don’t read into me too much.

you’re only as special as I decide you are.

Don’t take me to heart.

Its not like I have a heart to include you in.

you’re trying to piss me off,

its not working.

I can ignore you and redeem what I believe as relevant.

Im not sure how your brain works,

lets just hope it does work.

You wont know until it faces you

straight into your eyes and into your mind.


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Published by:

A Maverick named Gonzo.

I've written short stories, poetry, and have journaled since I was 10. I've had poetry published, short stories, and articles on various subjects. Some of the subjects I've published articles on are: "How-to", People who have contributed to the technological advancements of Tattooing, Body Piercing, and various other Body Modification practices, and BDSM. I volunteer for an organization that helps people that are in need of financial assistance in order to afford the mental health care they greatly need to live, and finally, I've been publishing erotic short stories that end up of the psychological thriller/Horror nature. I teach kids how to fish at another volunteer gig. I get to teach kids, 7-12 years old all kinds of things. Like conservation of our coasts and critters. We are involved in turtle nesting and protection, fishing (hooked on fishing, not on drugs). I like free-diving at my beach. Meeting sharks, rays, and any fish you can imagine. I also do a little spearfishing when I'm not angling from the coast.

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